Non-Compliant Grave Decorations at Elmwood Cemetery Must Be Removed By March 2, 2022

On March 2, 2022, City of Augusta staff will begin the regular maintenance and mowing routine for the growing season at Elmwood Cemetery. Prior to that date, Augusta residents will need to remove or move all gravestone decorations that are not compliant with Section 12-547 of City Code.

Section 12-547 of Augusta City Code states that during the growing season (March 1 – November 15th), no gravestone decorations of any kind should be placed in the grass except for permissible temporary decorations during the Memorial Day holiday.  The purpose of this requirement is to clear the grass for maintenance and mowing by staff.

Starting March 2, 2022, all non-compliant decorations will be disposed of by City staff. Please see the flyer below for examples of decorations that are compliant and non-compliant with City Code.

Cemetery Cleanup Notice 2022