Boards and Committees

Volunteer your expertise and knowledge on a variety of boards and committees, ensuring an open and responsive government.  More than 50 community volunteers serve on the eight City boards and committees reviewing issues, providing guidance, and recommending policies that improve the community.  All board meetings are subject to the Kansas Open Meetings Act.

City of Augusta Boards and Committees

The following boards and committees meet as needed. Check the City calendar for upcoming meetings. 

  • Public Building Commission
  • Special Alcohol Grant Application Committee
  • Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee
  • any ad-hoc committees created by the City Council
  • any work sessions or special meetings held by the City Council, boards, committees, and commissions

Other Boards and CommitteesThe Mayor appoints members to the Augusta Housing Authority and Public Library Board but the City does not oversee the boards or the staff of the those respective institutions.

Augusta Progress Inc.API facilitates economic development opportunities, grant programs, and business development services. The City works closely with Augusta Progress Inc. but does not oversee operations and does not appoint members to the board.

Attendance and CompensationMembers are expected to regularly attend and participate in all meetings. All service is without compensation and on a volunteer basis.