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School Resource Officer

School Resource Officer
School Resource Officer Danny Strobbe

The concept of School Resource Officers became prevalent in the United States in the 1960's. The program has actually been in place since the 1950's when officers would go into schools and give programs such as bicycle safety. In the 1960's, departments such as Tucson, Arizona started implementing full-time SRO's in their schools. The concept gained attention from the Government and funding was allocated to allow for grant positions to begin SRO programs in schools.

The August Department of Public Safety (ADPS), in cooperation with Unified School District #402 (Augusta), was awarded a grant in 1999 to create a position for a dedicated officer to be placed within the Augusta Senior High School. The officer, referred to as a School Resource Officer or "SRO," is a full-time commissioned officer whose primary assignment and responsibility falls within a school.  In 2010, Safety Officer Danny Strobbe was assigned as the School Resource Officer for Augusta.  SRO Strobbe spends his days in the school bonding with students, resolving problems, and addressing safety concerns within the schools of Augusta.

In addition, SRO Strobbe is responsible for coordinating and organizing "Operation Sober Prom," each year. This program is designed to remind students about the dangers of drinking and driving. The program utilizes a simulated motor vehicle accident scene. Emergency equipment responds, with red lights and sirens as they would in real life. Rescue crews extricate fellow class members from the wreckage and one fellow student is portrayed as deceased. The event always draws the crowd to an immediate silence and tears can be detected from students on occasion. The program is designed to be as close to the real thing as possible, in an attempt to remind students of the consequences of such actions.

During the summer months, when school is not in session, SRO Strobbe reverts back to duties of a regular Public Safety Officer providing coverage for the patrol and fire divisions. SRO Strobbe can be contacted via e-mail at or by phone at (316) 775-4500.

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The Augusta Department of Public Safety is a full-service organization offering police, fire, rescue and 9-1-1 services for the City of Augusta, Kansas and Butler County Fire District Number 2.

Our facility is located at 2100 North Ohio Street, Augusta, Kansas and you can reach us by phone (non-emergency) at 316-775-4500.

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