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Police Reserves

ADPS Police Reserve Program

The Augusta Department of Public Safety (ADPS) Patrol Division Reserve Unit was reinstated on September 1, 2009. ADPS had a reserve unit years ago, but the program had since faded away. Sergeant Jeremy Johnston put the program together and on September 1, 2009 the first five members of the ADPS Reserves started their initial training.

The reserves are a special group of people who volunteer their time to ensure the safety of the citizens within the City of Augusta. This group of committed volunteer officers have responsibilities similar to that of a full-time public safety officer and they supplement the patrol division on a daily basis and in case of necessity. The reserves are outfitted in uniforms and are members of the ADPS family, just as any other officer would be.

For more information about the Police Reserve Program or to join the reserves, contact Sergeant Jeremy Johnston at (316) 775-4500 extension 300 or click on Sergeant Johnston's name to email him.

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The Augusta Department of Public Safety is a full-service organization offering police, fire, rescue and 9-1-1 services for the City of Augusta, Kansas and Butler County Fire District Number 2.

Our facility is located at 2100 North Ohio Street, Augusta, Kansas and you can reach us by phone (non-emergency) at 316-775-4500.

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