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Intregrity is the basis for community trust

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A Message from the Director of Public Safety

Director of Public Safety Robert S. Sage
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Phone: (316) 775-4500 extension 126

As the Director of Public Safety it is my pleasure to welcome you to the Augusta Department of Public Safety's (ADPS) web page. We are excited that this highly mobile and accessible medium has provided us the opportunity to guide you to any particular interest you may have concerning our philosophy, organizational structure, facilities, function and general information. We have attempted to design this web page for easy reference and interesting enlightenment.

As our mission statement indicates we constantly strive to create an environment that stresses collaboration and cooperation in solving community problems. Our ultimate goal is to help create a community atmosphere of family values where you can live well and laugh often.

Management Focus

Focus on the future
Communicate Vision
Motivate through coaching and teamwork
Create stretch goals and data driven management
Ask and Listen
Institutionalize organizational integrity
Develop and foster an organizational atmosphere that promotes continuous learning
Create, innovate, experiment
Keep organization open

Mission Statement

The Augusta Department of Public Safety is committed to the basic mission of order maintenance, crime control, fire suppression, and fear reduction by structuring our service delivery in a way that will reinforce the strengths of the City of Augusta and Fire District #2. The Department of Public Safety will build partnerships with the community it serves and with other stakeholders in order to identify the best way to solve problems. Every action by members of the department will reflect the importance of protecting the constitutional rights and personal freedoms of the people we serve.


Integrity is the basis for community trust

Value Statement

A ligning services with community needs
U nderstanding by always listening
G iving more than receiving
U nequivocal passion and commitment in ensuring the job is done right the first time
S taying focused, linking all activities and efforts to delighting the customer
T enacious pursuit of collaborative community decision-making
A lways focused on achieving goals through integrity, courtesy, fairness, and honesty

Please take a stroll through our department and enjoy an exposure to a family of dedicated employees who are proud to assist you in any way they can. Enjoy your visit!

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The Augusta Department of Public Safety is a full-service organization offering police, fire, rescue and 9-1-1 services for the City of Augusta, Kansas and Butler County Fire District Number 2.

Our facility is located at 2100 North Ohio Street, Augusta, Kansas and you can reach us by phone (non-emergency) at 316-775-4500.

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